About Us


City Meal Deals provides various meal options in your local area through our online deal platform covering restaurants and food establishments operating primarily in your local City Area. City Meal Deals is one stop destination for all your meal-related searches for a variety of local Fast food places or restaurants.

 Through our unique online system our users can find meal options in their close vicinity and know “who offers what “, within a price range and at a short distance from you. You have multiple options to decide what food goes on your plate today, getting full value for your money as well as time to have a meal of your choice.

 We examine each and every menu and chose the best deals for you displayed on a single platform. You can register on our website and get the automated daily summary of meal deals going on in your local area. We strive to keep food and information fresh to the best of our knowledge through a regularly updated list of restaurant deals and offers (for shopping, days out & more).

 If you are a tourist or daily visitor in the particular area, you can take advantage of our online system, and surprise yourself with meal deals. We target to make lunch times more interesting, cost effective and fun. We are starting our services from few selected areas in Central London, but we are in the process of updating our database and reaching soon in your area.

 Our Website is mobile friendly and we will be coming up with mobile apps, so stay tuned for further updates. If you are out and about don’t worry, just log in and take advantage of our unique nearest-cheapest-meal-finder options